Matarraza Business Solutions

With our Web Design and Management Services, we help our clients build professional looking and high converting websites. We also offer web management services where we help our clients to not only build but also manage their websites.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Service offers the all-in-one digital marketing services from online adverts (Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads) to SEO optimization. We also help our clients with Branding by meeting their design needs.

We help clients establish their digital businesses online by providing professional advisory services. We help clients  set up their business from the ideation stage to launching. Our Digital Business Consulting Service also offer mentoring where we continue to advise our clients and help them succeed in their crafts.

Our B2C E-commerce store, Matarraza Shop, built to satisfy the needs of the public, offers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. M-Pay, our flagship payment service, offers seamless and convenient way of making payments online. We help our clients pay and manage their recurring bills obligations such as utility, airtime recharge, subscriptions and other POS services.

Our Digital Training offerings covers wide areas targeting small and medium businesses. We offer trainings in the areas of E-commerce, Digital Marketing and  Accounting.

Our qualified professionals with years of Business and Accounting experience help our clients with their Accounting and Book-keeping needs. We help them keep proper Accounting records with insights on their business operations and advise on areas of improvements.


Why our clients love working with us!

“Could not think of a better way to show appreciation for the services I have received so far, very much appreciated!…”
“… Their training is top notch. Good job Matarraza!…”
“…Matarraza has really helped our business with our Digital Marketing needs! I will surely recommend them anytime.”

Why Our Clients love us!

We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients needs. We stay with them through it all and ensure they succeed. That is when we have also succeeded.

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